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Un amor para toda la vida Paula Hernandez
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Olivier Nomination for Best Actress in a Musical
Dir: Jamie Lloyd
Donmar Warehouse
Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical
Dir: Jamie Lloyd
Donmar Warehouse, Buenos Aires & Madrid
Boeing Boeing Dir: Matthew Warchus
Comedy Theatre
Olivier Nomination for Best Actress in a Musical
Dir: Michael Grandage
Adelphi Theatre, London
La Fiaca (Musical) Broadway Theatre
Houdini (Musical) Metropolitan
Tango x 2 International Tour
Mina El Nacional Theatre
Jazz Swing Tap Broadway Theatre
El Pelele Lorange Theatre
Fiddler On The Roof Broadway Theatre
International Musical Theatre Company Pte Alvear Theatre
Saturday Night Fever El Nacional Theatre
Les Miserables Opera Theatre
Beauty & the Beast Opera Theatre
Nine Metropolitan Theatre


Hombres De Honor Channel 13
Pensionados Channel 13
El Sodero De Mi Vida Channel 13


Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical
Olivier Nomination for Best Actress in a Musical


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An electrifying performance: Elena Roger gets under the skin of French chanteuse Edith Piaf. Roger, who previously made a sensation with her reincarnation of Evita - a role for which she deserved the coveted Lawrence Olivier Award - proves beyond doubt that she is the ultimate performer, capable of transforming herself into a dazzling personality as Evita in Michael Grandage’s 2006 production. Indeed, Roger, petite and lithe as Piaf herself, rises to unbelievable heights in Pam Gems’ song-structured account of Piaf’s legend. Roger’s casting as Piaf proved beyond doubt that her Evita success was not a fluke - As Piaf, Roger succeeds on every count: a powerful, moving vocal delivery, and an acting range to match, in a flawless production in which emotions run high, from the singer’s rise to tragic demise, which feels as palpable as though the events unfolded in real time before your eyes.
Julio Nakamurakare, Buenos Aires Herald


“Ms Roger has that rare thing you can’t define - but you know it when you see it: an Everest-sized dose of star quality.”
Baz Bamigboye, The Daily Mail

“This Evita is set to dazzle…a dazzling British debut…the evening belongs to Roger, who is mesmerising from the beginning.:
Sheridan Morley, Daily Express

“Roger is quite a revelation”
Benedict Nightingale, The Times

“Tiny though she be, Argentine Senorita Roger is big, big news. She opened in the lead in Evita last night and she’s going to make this fine musical a great hooter of a hit all over again. A top star…what she has is a sparky charge of talent”
Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

“Oh, what a show!..the piece not only survives but thrives on the violent eruption of reality that comes in the diminutive shape of Elena Roger. Roger is simply sensational Ms Roger has a clarion voice capable of thrilling shrillness and of a pensive purity”
Paul Taylor, The Independent

“Elena Roger dances with real verve. She occupies the stage by right rather than default and captures all of Eva’s iron-willed determination”
Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Elena Roger glows with star quality in the lead role of Evita. Her frail physique dominates the stage with a tremendous presence while the ensemble is first rate…a socking great star performance from the diminutive, authentically Argentinian actress Elena Roger…Elena Roger’s tiny and apparently frail Evita dominates the stage with tremendous presence…In short she (Elena Roger) has exactly the star quality the role requires…I have a strong suspicion that Evita is going to be a huge and durable hit all over again”
Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph

“I have fallen head over heels for Evita again, with Michael Grandage’s dynamic production offering a charismatic title-role performance, ripe for superlatives, by unknown Argentinian Elena Roger…Miss Roger rises up strong, fervent and passionate. Miss Roger, all vulnerability and cunning, with enough sex appeal and raw erotic energy to snare half a government, initially sports dark hair, a terrific dancing technique and a taste for young men. Her performance brought first nighters to their feet”
Nicholas De Jongh, Evening Standard

“Don’t cry for her: she’s sensational!”
Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

“Such electrifying energy needs a source, and it’s got it in triple threat dynamo Elena Roger as Eva. When Elena Roger sings, “put me down for a lifetime of success,” not a soul in the audience is likely to disagree”
David Benedict,

“This tiny Evita is a huge star. Elena Roger proves herself every inch, and some, to be a worthy first lady of musical theatre…Her flashing eyes, wide smile, belting voice, sex appeal and sheer force of personality blow you away. What’s more, she doesn’t just dance up a storm, she tangoes up a tempest…Roger’s triumph - is that you believe she loved the people as ferociously as they worshipped her… A sensational hit, all over again”
Georgina Brown, The Mail on Sunday

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